The permission slap cadence

published on 16 March 2023

Asking for permission to send a video to a prospect increases the likelihood of them responding because it demonstrates respect for their time and attention. By asking for permission, you are acknowledging that the prospect is busy and that their time is valuable.

By getting the prospect's explicit permission, you are creating an implicit commitment on their part to engage with your content. Studies have shown that people are more likely to follow through on commitments that they have made themselves, even if they are small or implicit commitments.

By taking a more respectful and considerate approach, you can stand out from the crowd and increase the chances of your message being heard and acted upon.

Day 1 - Engage with prospect's post: Like and comment on a recent post the prospect has made.

Day 2 - Send a connection request

Day 3 - If the prospect doesn't accept, engage with their content again.

Day 4 - Once the prospect accepts your connection request, send a message thanking them for connecting and ask for permission to share a video of your value proposition.

Day 5 - If the prospect doesn't respond to your message, follow up with a cute message saying 'you made it just for them'.

Day 6 - Once the prospect gives you permission to share the video, send it to them.

Day 7 - The day after sending the video, follow up with a message asking what they thought of it and if they would like to schedule a call to discuss their needs.

If they accept, send them a calendar link. If they don't send a follow-up or two.

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