How to Create Personalized Videos for Sales Outreach at Scale with Telesqope

published on 16 March 2023


As an SDR, BDR, or AE, you know how important it is to engage with prospects in a personalized way. One effective way to do this is through personalized videos in your email messages. In this guide, we'll show you how to create a personalized video for your sales outreach.

Here's a sample template script:

INTRODUCTION: Hey [Name]! It’s [Your Name] with [Your Company].

VALUE: I made this video to show you the value of [Your Company Value Proposition]. 

PURPOSE: Our clients, use [Your Product] to get [Benefit]

NEXT STEPS: Let's schedule a meeting to discuss how we can incorporate [Your Product] into your organization.

CTA: Use the link in my signature to book 30 minutes on my calendar for us to chat. 

THANK YOU: Thanks for watching and talk to you soon :)

How to use this template at scale with Telesqope:

Section 1: Creating a List of Prospects

Before you can start creating personalized videos, you'll need to have a list of prospects with their full names and companies. You can create this list manually or upload it as a CSV file to a sales engagement platform like Telesqope.

Section 2: Reusable Clip

The first step is to record a set of clips that covers the VALUE, PURPOSE, NEXT STEPS, CTA and THANK YOU sections of your script. Remember that these clips should not be personalized because they will be reused for many prospects. Record each section as an individual clip so that it's easier to deliver. Telesqope will glue them together for you at the end.

 Section 3: Personalized Clip (Introduction) 

The second step is to record an introduction clip that addresses the prospect by name and mentions your company. This clip should be short and sweet, and convey a warm and friendly tone. Record one for each of the prospects in your list. You can record all of these clips at once on the 'personalized clips' screen.

Section 4: Create personalized thumbnails

Remember that your prospect will either see the thumbnail when you share the video on LinkedIn or they will see it as an image in an email. Take a photo of yourself and then write a short note using dynamic fields, e.g. 'Hey [FirstName], I made you a video!'

Section 5: Run merge and send the videos

Once all of your clips recorded, and your thumbnails are created, continue to the next step. Telesqope will merge your videos together. Preview the videos and then hit save. You can then send the personalized video to the prospect via email, along with a clear call-to-action that encourages them to book a meeting with you. Use the 'copy link and thumbnail button' to share via email and the 'copy link' button to share via LinkedIn.


Creating a personalized video for sales outreach is a simple and effective way to engage with prospects in a more memorable and meaningful way. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create personalized videos that help you build stronger relationships with your prospects and increase your sales effectiveness.

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