11 situations to send video to prospective customers

published on 16 March 2023

Here are 11 situations where video can be used to move prospects through your sales funnel:

  1. Personalized Cold-Open: A video introduction personalized to the prospect can create a more engaging and memorable first impression.
  2. Inbound Lead Follow-Up: Using video to follow up with inbound leads can help establish rapport and build trust.
  3. Account-based Video: An account-based video can help demonstrate a deep understanding of the prospect’s business, while showcasing the value of your solution.
  4. No Response: If a prospect has gone silent, a short and engaging video can re-ignite their interest and encourage them to respond.
  5. Reviving a Dead Lead: A video message can help to re-engage a prospect who had previously gone cold, by reminding them of the value of your solution.
  6. Break-up on a Cold Lead: Sometimes, it’s necessary to cut your losses and move on. A video message can help to do so in a friendly and professional manner.
  7. Short Demo Video: A short demo video can help to highlight the key features and benefits of your solution, providing a more engaging and interactive experience than a traditional demo.
  8.  Summary of 1st call: A video summary after the first call can help to reinforce key takeaways, provide additional context, and demonstrate your commitment to the prospect's needs, while keeping the conversation fresh in their mind.
  9. Proposal Walkthrough: A video walkthrough of a proposal can help to communicate the value proposition and address any potential concerns or objections.
  10. Upsell: After a successful sale, video can be used to upsell or re-engage the customer, by highlighting the additional value that your solution can provide.
  11. Sales Handoff to Success: When handing off a new customer to customer success or an account manager, a personalized video message can help to set expectations and build trust, while ensuring a smooth transition.

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