Live chat with prospects while they watch

Telesqope integrates with Slack so you get real-time notifications when a prospect watches your video. Reduce the time it takes to engage by initiating a conversation or calling them.

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Send videos on any platform with the chrome extension

Access your library from our chrome extension, so you can complete your tasks in one window. Add video to cadences or on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

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  • Linkedin

    Quickly share links through LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

  • Salesloft

    Add videos to your cadences with ease.

  • Outreach favicon

    Flexibly include a link or a hyperlinked thumbnail.

  • Hubspot logo

    Access your entire library with easy search.

  • Apollo

    Send a video to any prospect at any time.

  • Salesforce

    The extension will work anywhere you need it.

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