VideoMerge speeds up video creation – it's as easy as writing emails

Merge and send videos, just like a mail merge - the fastest way to generate pipeline and close more deals.

Track Engagement and A/B Test Your Pitch

Advaned analytics help you find insights and patterns in your video messages so you know exactly what resonates and what doesn't.

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Engage Your Prospects with Embedded CTAs and Live Chat

Initiate conversations directly from Slack while prospects are watching your video. CTAs make booking a meeting a breeze.

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Increase your conversion without spending more time

  • 1min per video

    Record videos in bulk and create 15 videos in 15 minutes.

  • 4x more meetings

    Book 4x more meetings with personalized video messages (vs. text alone).

  • 26% faster deals

    Close deals 26% faster when sending video to prospects.

Delight your customers at every touch point 👆

Your customers are unique. Tailor their experience with personalized videos.

  • Prospecting

    • Stand out from the crowd
    • Personalize your pitch to their specific problems
    • Drive conversion with embedded CTA buttons in video
  • Feature Demos

    • Record individual feature demos
    • Send the right content to the right customer
    • Stop overwhelming customers with unnecessary detail
  • Onboarding

    • Increase activation with tailored onboarding
    • Personalize support videos
    • Improve retention by continuing to show value

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